Cool pad

Minh Phat be imported directly from Thailand and China.

Paper Thailand: Size: 1.8×0.15×0.3m – 1.8×0.15×0.6m


This cooling equipment is the most popular device in pig farming industry for its particular cooling and environment-protecting effects. It has a specially-designed paper honeycomb structure and has to be used with the negative-pressure fan. With evaporative cooling pads, the hot-humid environment in the pig house on hot days can be improved effectively.

1. High efficiency and energy-saving: this cooling method combines the fan and swamp cooler pads to realize the evaporation cooling with small power consumption;
2. Good ventilating performance: under the integration of cooling pads and fan, the hot air in the pig house can be exhausted rapidly;
3. Healthy and Eco-friendly: this cooling system adopts water as the freezing medium, pollution-free and air-purified;
4. Wide applicability: this system can be used in different places of hot air and poor ventilation;
5. Maximum durability: evaporative cooling pads is made of wood-pulp paper with a layer of glue, which is anti-corrosion, anti-mustiness and has good water-absorption;
6. Easy installation: with light weight and snap-on components, evaporative cooling pads can be easily installed;
7. Easy maintenance: evaporative cooling pads can be easily dissembled and re-assembled for regular cleaning and maintenance.


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