Concrete floor

The product is manufactured by vibrating casting technology. Therefore, it has high hardness, flat and smooth surface, convenient for cleaning

There are many sizes suitable for lining the mother’s compartment of the farrowing house, the pregnant pigsty, the path and other construction works such as drainage, technical floor …



Code Dimension
LxWxH (mm)
DBT01 1000x500x50 10 49-50
DBT02 1100x500x50 10 54-55
DBT03 1100x600x50 10 67-68
DBT04 1200x600x50 10 70-72
DBT05 1250x650x50 10
DBT06 1100x550x50 10 73-74
DBT07 1200x560x50 10
DBT08 1200x550x60 10

Note: Dimensional tolerance ±2 mm

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